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    chen Molianalex

    Ah, right, don’t know why I did not think of that. They’re definitely a hassle – I eventually gave up and purchased some damn blue roses I was really disappointed with breeding! Hopefully OP did not lose too many.Or if she apologizes AND replants the flowers and trees and fixes the furniture . Some sort of restitutions. Now grated this will actually take time which may be counter to the punishment, but it might take work and cash to purchase the flowers, and trees, and also to water them.

    If she is only allowed a specific amount of screen time every day, then that could eat into that moment. No other screen time till she’s righted the wrong.

    She would understand that actions have consequences and occasionally apologizing and trying to repair/replace damage done, can go a long way. This could be a teaching moment.

    I get so much solace from ACNH in this pandemic chaos in which we find ourselves, I’d be pretty upset too if a person intentionally wrecked my island.

    (There was another AITA a couple of months ago where some girl’s boyfriend whined her island during an argument. What a jolt )

    My 6 year-old goddaughfer understands this fairly clearly. She also gets mad if any blossom goes,issuing. . .Oh, then in that event no, NTA. It actually hinged on whether or not there was an agreement ahead. If I were you, I’d edit the article to add that.OP I just picked up the game following a looooong hiatus (spoop season got me) and should you need fruits/flowers, drop me a pm and I’ll send you a dodo code. NTA, tho I will admit I’m clearly biased here.Why can it be your island, however her change? This is a little confusing for me tbh. Like is it her switch along with the family’s switch?

    You’re the best comment so editing in a judgement will be ideal or the final judgement is likely to be INFO.After having read your edit, NTA. A videogame itself may be insignificant but she gave you her sentence on the standard for behavior and she violated it. Honesty is something that should be encouraged.NTA, she is nine, old enough to know you dont destroy something you are sharing. A week with no switch is an age, and action, appropriate punishment. It even seems as if you had a discussion with her about respecting shared spaces. Reiterate the leason if you give her spine accessibility and let her know that you know She’s old enough to perform better and that you have faith in her that she will

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